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A Radiotherapy Story 

Saving a life doesn’t change the world, but for that person, the world changes forever.
A Radiotherapy Story is a photo-documentary of the people who are involved within the oncological pathway. From patients, to radiotherapists, to the receptionists, students, porters, doctors, nurses,ambulance drivers, medical physics, dosimetrists, engineers and volunteers, etc. Absolutely everyone, because everyone’s story is equally important and a key piece to the NHS.  

Why do we think something like this is important? 
Because the NHS was the first place I had been shown any real true kindness from complete strangers when I was at my weakest. And we believe that this is true for most people. 
I wanted to re-train in healthcare because I felt like I needed to repay and give that kindness back. 
What I’ve learnt in my Healthcare education (both officially and as a patient) is that everyone in the NHS has a reason to do what they do: It’s almost never about money or our quality of life. 
It’s because we can make a difference. All any of us ever want to do is to makeother people’s lives better. Sometimes it’s life-changing, sometimes it’s something much simpler. 

Sometimes things don’t work the way they should. The system isn’t perfect. Neither are the people in it. But it is fundamentally decent and good and whole. 

 That’s why I am absolutely committed to the principles, to the ideals of the NHS. I think it’s just about the best thing this country has ever achieved. 
It is remarkably robust, but the pressures facing it are immense, and there are few easy solutions. But we – the people of the NHS – ALL STAFF- are absolutely committed to it.
What I’ll always remember from my education in radiotherapy – will be the stories that made these people into NHS.
And patients have been my best teachers, but some of these lessons have been painful.
We want to share with you the stories of these people, of the NHS, to celebrate the pinnacle of humanity and kindness. Of life and death.

Thank you to the whole of the NHS for your love,and kindness, and education. It turns out studying Radiotherapy turned out tobe WAY more than just a degree at the end.
If you would like us to feature your story, please get in contact with us!
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